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Project SEC² Archives

Effective January 1, 2022, Project SEC² was a state employee classification and compensation initiative led by the Mississippi State Personnel Board.  The goal of Project SEC² was to create a classification and compensation system that is fair and equitable and allows for recruitment, retention, and motivation of a qualified workforce.  You may find communication from the project below:

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions about how this project affects state employees.

Job Classifications
Do you want more information about your job classification? Summaries are organized by Occupational Group and Job Family.


Pay Plans, Grades, and Zones

State of the Workforce and Project SEC

Project Overview

Project Timeline

Press Release






Dec 2021: Recruitment and Selection Training for HR Staff

Dec 2021: Additional Revisions to the Variable Compensation Plan

Dec 2021: Revisions to the State Employee Handbook and Policy and Procedures Manual

Nov 2021: Q&A for Agency HR Staff

Oct 2021: Variable Compensation Plan based on the implementation of Project SEC2

Sept 2021: Pay Grades, Classification Assignments, and Preliminary Implementation Projections

Sept 2021: Overview of the State Workforce and Project SEC Overview


Project Introduction

MSPB's Role in Human Resources

PDQ for Mississippi State Employees

Project Overview