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Professional Development and Electives

Please note: Professional development courses are open for all to register. You do not have to be enrolled in a specific program to register for a professional development/elective course.
Administrative Services Certification Program (ASCP)
Communicating to Build Relationships

Formerly “Things I would Like to Tell My Boss.”

A recent study found an employee’s relationship with their immediate supervisor is one of the most significant contributions to job satisfaction and success. Good communication is the key to developing and maintaining a relationship with a supervisor. In this half-day class, participants learn about topics important to the working relationship and are encouraged to develop their communication skills. (3 hours)

Cultural Diversity

This half-day class helps participants explore basic definitions and concepts of diversity. Specifically, participants will examine workplace issues and understand how diversity factors into the overall culture within a state agency. (3 hours)

Cultural Diversity Part II

Formerly Advanced Cultural Diversity

This class helps participants develop great sensitivity to differences and recognize the impact of differences in age, culture, race, gender, lifestyle, and physical abilities in the workplace. (6 hours)

How to Manage Multiple Priorities

Multi-tasking is a learned skill that can lead to increased productivity and greater confidence in one’s job duties. This class teaches participants how to balance multiple tasks, even during periods of high stress, to help provide more efficient and effective services to an agency and stakeholders.(6 hours)

Managing Stressful Situations

Stress can negatively affect one’s professional and personal life. In this half-day class, participants will learn how to identify the causes of stress and how to cope with stress based on their Myers-Briggs personality type to assist employees in providing a balanced work life that facilitates growth and productivity. (3 hours)

Navigating the Road to Success

Conduct and attitude-related behaviors contribute to success at work. In this class, participants discuss principles for workplace success and discover how to positively impact their success and that of their agencies through completing a team player survey and exploring case studies. (3 hours)

Overview of Government Part II

Formerly Government Updates for ASCP

This half-day class discusses current state law and policies, how a bill becomes law, and how laws apply to state employees. In addition, participants will review the three branches of state government and how duties and responsibilities are divided between them. (3 hours)

Positive Work Environment

Ideal for support staff, this half-day class gives an overview of the Mississippi State Personnel Board ‘s workplace harassment policy and federal and state laws pertaining to harassment and discrimination. Participants will also learn their rights and responsibilities as state employees. (3 hours)

Rights and Responsibilities

This half-day class gives an overview of the rights and responsibilities of state employees regarding harassment and discrimination. Participants will engage in discussions regarding Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Title VII), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other laws essential to the rights and responsibilities in the workplace. (3 hours)

Writing Advantage® by Franklin Covey for ASCP

In today’s workplace, employees use written communication more often than face-to-face communication. This class teaches participants how to use written communication confidently, productively, and effectively. (6 hours)