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Executive Services Certification Program

What is the Executive Services Certification Program?

MSPB developed the Executive Services Certification Program (ESCP) for administrative professionals to continue their professional development. Participants earning the ESCP designation have completed the three levels of the ASCP curriculum and three additional levels of coursework. ESCP encourages administrative professionals to cultivate existing skills, contribute to their organization's vision within their individual roles, and enhance leadership skills.

How do I register?

ESCP is offered once per semester, twice times per year.  Click here to view the current course schedule.  Learn how to register here.

What are the requirements?

Participants must complete the requirements of the Administrative Services Certification Program (ASCP) to enroll in ESCP.  In addition to completing levels IV-VI, participants must successfully complete:

  • Nine (9) electives
Course Agenda
Level IV
  • Day 1: Emotional Intelligence
  • Day 2: Leadership Development Plan
  • Day 3: Coaching Session (30-min coaching session with a MSPB coach)
  • Note: Leadership Development Plan due one week after class session ends.
Level V
  • Day 1: The Impact of Perception
  • Day 2: The Changing Role of Support Staff
  • Day 3: Finding Your Strengths
  • Day 4: +30 min Coaching Session
  • Note: Reading report and personal mission statement due one week after class session ends.
Level VI
  • Day 1: Leadership Skills
  • Day 2: How Body Language Shapes Your Life
  • Day 3: Team Presentation – each group presents a problem with a solution to a MSPB panel
  • Note: ESCP 5-page essay due two weeks after class session ends.


ESCP Documents

Executive Services Certification Program Reading List (Level V)

Executive Services Certification Program Required Reading Book Form (Level V)

Executive Services Certification Program Impact Essay (Level VI)

Contact Information

For information about the Executive Services Certification Program, contact Dionne Young at 601-359-2768 or via email at