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Basic Supervisory Course

What is the Basic Supervisory Course?

The Basic Supervisory Course (BSC) is designed to develop leadership and supervisory skills for frontline supervisors of governmental entities. The program includes discussion of a wide range of topics with an emphasis on practical application in state government. The program combines classroom training and hands-on learning to reinforce the fundamentals of supervising people and managing programs. Many government employees have chosen BSC to gain the skills required to become more effective supervisors and to develop the tools needed to advance within their organization. This five-day intensive training session also encourages networking opportunities for participants through interactive, team-based learning activities.

Who Should Attend?

BSC is ideal training for all supervisors in state government regardless of the number of individuals supervised. BSC is specifically designed for:

  • Newly promoted supervisors;
  • Supervisors new to state government; and
  • Experienced supervisors who need to expand their skills.
How do I register?

BSC is offered once a month.  Click here to view the current course schedule.  Learn how to register here.

Course Agenda
Day 1
  • Traits of an Ideal Supervisor/Leader
  • Leadership Roles
  • Emotional Maturity
  • DiSC – A Tool for Understanding
Day 2
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Teams in Conflict
Day 3
  • Guide to State Government
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities
  • Performance Management
Day 4
  • Hidden Bias
Day 5
  • Coaching
  • Delegation
Contact Information

For more information on Basic Supervisory Courses, contact Jennifer Jasper at 601-359-2761 or via email at