About MSPB

about MSPB

The Mississippi State Personnel Board is the central human resources management agency for state entities and employees.  MSPB’s mission is to lead the way in human capital and workforce management.  Established in 1980 by the Mississippi Legislature (see Miss. Code Ann. §§ 25-9-101 et seq.), MSPB’s role is to maintain a fair system of employment that provides employees a good future; agencies a stable supply of quality people; Legislative decision-makers quality information and financial controls for personnel costs; and citizens the most effective and efficient government.   MSPB is organized into three programmatic offices:


Office of Classification, Compensation, and Recruitment

The Office of Classification, Compensation, and Recruitment is comprised of three divisions: Classification/Compensation, Recruitment, and Job Description Validation. Each agency served by MSPB is assigned analysts who provide advice and guidance to state agencies and conduct research and analysis of statewide workforce and human resources management issues.


Office of Training and Development

The goal of the Office of Training and Development is to provide state agencies with the tools, information, and training needed to ensure a quality workforce for state government. OTD offers a wide array of training to state employees, including certification and professional development programs such as the Certified Public Manager (CPM) program, the Human Resources Certification Program (HRCP), the Basic Supervisory Course (BSC), and the Administrative Support Certification Program (ASCP).


Employee Appeals Board

The Mississippi Employee Appeals Board was established by the legislature for the purpose of holding hearings, compiling evidence and rendering decisions on appeals of personnel action adversely affecting employment status or compensation. Grievable issues specificed in Section 8.1 of the 1/1/2020 employee handbook may also be appealed to the MEAB.  The three MEAB hearing officers are appointed by the Mississippi State Personnel Board.

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