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Created On: 6/2/2020 1:56:11 PM

MSPB is committed to providing a safe environment as we reopen our training classrooms. We are sure you have questions about how we will do that. A list of frequently asked questions is below:

What about the classes that were cancelled?
All classes offered in the Office of Workforce Development (OWD) from March 16, 2020 – June 30, 2020 were postponed. As we safely reopen, we are rescheduling the postponed classes for the participants who were already registered. The classes will be offered in the order they were originally scheduled, with March classes moved to June, April classes moved to July, May classes moved to August, and June classes moved to September. The rescheduled classes are not open for new registrations.

How will people find out the rescheduled date of their class?
Participants who are already registered will receive an email with instructions from the OWD Program Director two weeks prior to the rescheduled date. A calendar with the new dates may be found here.

When can people sign up for new classes?
New classes with open registration will be held beginning September 15th. The schedule for September 15th through December 2020 will be loaded in MAGIC by the end of July.

How are you making the classrooms safe?
The classrooms have been rearranged to ensure participants are seated 6 feet apart from one another. Because of this, some participants will attend class virtually via Webex rather than in-person.

We sanitize classroom surfaces each evening. The maximum number of participants we can have in the larger classroom is 15 while maintaining 6 feet between participants; the max number in the smaller classroom is 11. For the foreseeable future, we will schedule no more than 9 people to attend in-person and the remainder of each class will be virtual.

Do participants have to wear masks?
MSPB will not require participants to wear masks when attending an in-person class. Participants can bring their own PPE to accommodate their individual preferences.  Guidelines for attending MSPB classes in person can be found here.

When will the 2020 CPM and ASCP/ESCP graduation ceremonies be held?
We anticipate graduation in late September 2020. We will finalize plans over the next couple of months and communicate the details by the beginning of August 2020.

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