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News MSPB launches Project SEC2, some state employees eligible for pay increases

Created On: 12/16/2021 11:49:54 AM

On January 1, 2022, the Mississippi State Personnel Board will launch Project SEC2, the updated state employee classification and compensation system, and some state employees will be eligible for a salary increase of up to 3%.  In the new system, state employees will be in new job classifications based on their responses to MSPB regarding their job duties.  Each job classification is assigned to a pay grade based on the relevant labor market; each pay grade includes a minimum, market, and maximum salary.  Employees may be eligible for a salary increase of up to 3% based on where their previous salary falls within the new pay grade.

During the 2021 Regular Session, the Legislature appropriated money to each agency to implement Project SEC2.  Each agency has the discretion to award increases of up to 3%, based on where each employee’s salary falls within the new pay grade.  There is no across-the-board pay increase as a result of this project.  Employees with a salary above the market rate of their new pay grade will not be eligible for an increase in the new system. Regardless of where an employee’s salary falls within the new pay grade, no employee will receive a pay decrease due to Project SEC2.

Since 2019, MSPB has been working to overhaul the state’s 40-year-old, outdated classification and compensation system.  In 2020, MSPB conducted meetings with nearly 300 state employees who are subject matter experts in their fields to help validate the role summaries of job classifications in the new system.  In the spring of 2021, MSPB distributed a questionnaire to all state employees to receive feedback regarding their job duties and used their responses to help classify them.  Each classification’s pay grade is based on the relevant labor market including the Mississippi private sector and contiguous states’ public sector.

“The goal of the new system is to give more accountability and to be more functional and transparent for the Legislature, agencies, and state employees,” said MSPB Executive Director Kelly Hardwick. “MSPB is committed to continuing to collaborate with state agencies and their employees to help ensure that our rates are competitive, consistent, and equitable.”

Visit careers.mspb.ms.gov for more information about the new system.  State employees with specific questions regarding their new classification or compensation should contact their agency’s HR department.


Links for state employees:

New Mississippi Careers website (and Project SEC2 information hub): https://careers.mspb.ms.gov/

New role summaries: https://careers.mspb.ms.gov/mississippi-careers

Video - Project SEC2 Overview: https://youtu.be/S7yUJQ2iEro

Video - Classification: https://youtu.be/H7NwKs80wRw

Video - Compensation: https://youtu.be/rYneDHGMEFs


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