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News MSPB honors 2023 HRCP Graduates

Created On: 4/27/2023 1:30:56 PM

Jackson, Miss. (April 28, 2023) – The Mississippi State Personnel Board honored its 2023 graduates of the Human Resources Certification Program in a virtual ceremony.


The Mississippi Human Resources Certification Program began in 2005 and is administered and delivered by the Mississippi State Personnel Board.  Participants earning the HRCP designation have completed the five levels of HRCP curriculum and implemented an HR-related project at their agencies.  The purpose of the Human Resources Certification Program (HRCP) is to develop well-trained human resources practitioners in Mississippi state government by providing a comprehensive training program specifically tailored to them at both the technical and managerial levels.  HRCP focuses on the application of key HR rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and practices.


2023 graduates include:


Lacy G. Anderson                                                 Department of Health

Melodie Burrell                                            Mississippi Veterans Affairs

Kendra Douglas                                      Mississippi Public Utilities Staff

Jessica B. Dykes                            Department of Rehabilitation Services

Leslie Elmore                                          Mississippi State Fire Academy

Anita D. Evans                                                      Department of Health

Nancy C. Farner              Department of Banking and Consumer Finance

Patricia Bernice Gillespie                                       Department of Health

Lorenda Goss                        Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks

Winna Hyche                      Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Gwen L. Morris-Isom                              North Mississippi State Hospital

Kaleshia Simpson-Nicholson                                 Department of Health

Laura Rawson                                  Department of Archives and History

Walterine Robinson                         Department of Archives and History

Shakanny K. Ross                                Mississippi State Personnel Board

Kimberly Varner                                            Hudspeth Regional Center

Kelslyn Williamson                              Mississippi State Personnel Board


MSPB offers training programs tailored to state government entities to provide essential knowledge and leadership skills for successful public service. Graduates include executive directors and agency heads, a former statewide elected official, and top managers from agencies, boards, and commissions throughout the State and virtually every area of public service.


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