Administrative Services Certification

Administration Services Certification Program

What is ASCP?

The Administrative Services Certification Program (ASCP) is a comprehensive training and certification program for support staff of governmental entities.  The program combines classroom training and hands-on learning to develop teamwork, leadership, and customer service skills.  Many agencies choose ASCP as their primary method for training support staff due to the results achieved by graduates.  ASCP graduates are highly regarded team members in their agencies and the State of Mississippi.

To become certified, participants must successfully complete:

  • three levels of course work;
  • two job-related projects;
  • one reading assignment;
  • twelve elective courses; and
  • three written exams.

Who Should Attend?
ASCP is designed for those who provide administrative support within government agencies.  The training is very beneficial for administrators, clerks, receptionists, and those who support agency managers.  All support staff of state agencies are eligible for ASCP.

What Will Participants Learn?
ASCP uses practical job-related learning activities to join theory and real-world experience.  Some of the topics covered in ASCP are:

  • managing time effectively leading a team;
  • interacting with various personality types;
  • understanding how state government works;
  • learning to resolve conflict;exceeding customer expectations; and
  • embracing diversity.

What is ESCP?
MSPB developed the Executive Services Certification Program (ESCP)  for administrative professionals to continue their professional development.  Participants earning the ESCP designation have completed the three levels of ASCP curriculum as well as three additional levels of coursework.  ESCP encourages administrative professionals to cultivate existing skills, contribute to the vision of their organization within their individual roles, and enhance leadership skills.


For information about the Administrative Services Certification Program, contact Dionne Young at 601-359-2768 or via email at

Administrative Services Certification Program Participant Information Sheet


Administrative Services Certification Program Computer Competency Certification Form


Administrative Services Certification Program Individual Development Plan Form

Administrative Services Certification Program Report - Post Session Summary (Level II)


Administrative Services Certification Program Required Reading Form (Level III)

Administrative Services Certification Follow Up Form (Level I)


Executive Services Certification Program Required Reading Book Form (Level V)


Executive Services Certification Program Impact Essay (Level VI)

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