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Employee Appeals Board

Employee Appeals Board

The Mississippi State Personnel Board outlines the rules and regulations that guide the employment experience in the MSPB Policy and Procedures Manual. However, when disputes arise between an employee and an agency and action is taken, the employee is guaranteed an impartial venue for appealing that action.

The Mississippi State Legislature provided this venue in 1980 by creating the
Employee Appeals Board, an entity separated from MSPB by statute but supported
by the agency through administrative services.

The EAB is comprised of three Hearing Officers- one from each Supreme Court district-who are appointed by the MSPB. These officers provide employees of the State of Mississippi with an opportunity to appeal agency-level decisions that adversely affect the employee's service.

The EAB compiles evidence, holds hearings, and renders decisions regarding agency actions and employee grievances.

Any permanent state service employee may appeal any action adversely affecting his or her compensation or employment status, or any grievable action set forth by policy.

Any permanent state service position or non-state service employee in, or applicant for, an authorized employment position in an agency which employs state service employees may appeal alleged acts of discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, creed, physical handicap, genetic information or political affiliation in any personnel action or unlawful employment practice.

They also may appeal alleged acts of retaliation based upon the employee's or applicant's reports to a state investigative body. Any employee may appeal the agency's denial of a request for donated leave. EAB decisions may be appealed to the Full Board or to Circuit Court.

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