Archived PDS and PAR Documents

Below are links to forms and documents related to the PDS which became effective November 1, 2010, as well as the Performance Appraisal Review forms.


Agencies may continue to use these forms until December 31, 2013, but should begin using the new PDS forms by January 1, 2014.


MSPB provides free online training on the new Performance Development System. In person training is offered through the Office of Workforce Development. To schedule a training, please contact MSPB at 601-359-1406.

Performance Development System Forms (Effective November 1, 2010)


PDS Overview Powerpoint


Performance Development System (PDS) Operations Manual


Performance Development System (PDS) Core Competencies


Performance Development Assessment  - Management


Performance Development Assessment - Non-Management


Performance Appraisal Review Forms


PAR Form 800-01


PAR Form 800-03


Job Content Questionnaire Form

PAR Review and Feedback Form 801-1

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Form

Role Description Questionnaire Form

Role Description Questionnaire Form Guide

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